RTI Social Innovation Lab

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala began a new strategic plan cycle in 2016. An integral part of this plan is the creation of the Innovation and Technology Center (ITC), a seven-story flagship building that seeks to foster innovation through science. Housed in the ITC, with the financial and technical support of RTI, we have envisioned a Social Innovation Lab, an open space for carrying out applied research for development and evidence-based social policy design and evaluation. The Lab will also support social entrepreneurship initiatives with tools for research and project management. The RTI Social Innovation Lab will include the following:

  • A collaborative work room with moving whiteboards, chalk-board walls and sticky walls.
  • A lounge for brain-storming.
  • 10 cubicles with computers equipped with research and project management software.
  • Voice recorders, cameras, camcorders, and interview microphones for applied audiovisual and participatory research.
  • GPS units for collecting geographic data.
  • Facilitation toolkits for participatory research and community-level interventions.
  • Tablets equipped with survey design software (such as quick tap survey) to support data collection in the field.
  • A drone for collecting geographic and geologic data for archaeological research, as well as applied social research in areas such as public health.

The main users of these facilities will be UVG’s Social Sciences students (undergraduate, MA and PhD level) and professors, as well as RTI’s local, visiting and resident staff. The RTI Social Innovation Lab (RTI-SIL) would serve as a sounding board and showcase for RTI’s different interventions in the region, and will eventually become a hub for social research, innovation and development where new joint UVG-RTI projects will be imagined, planned and implemented. It will also be a meeting point for scholars, practitioners, policy makers, government officials and private investors willing to collaborate with UVG and RTI. Finally, the RTI-SIL’s associates would constantly feed the pool of local and international human resources available to the before mentioned projects.

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